Where to Start With Social Media and Internet Success

Even the savviest online marketer can get overwhelmed with how much there is to do to make their brand climb to the top of the search engines and reach the potential of conversion rates. With onsite and offsite search engine optimization, the importance of offering top quality content on a consistent basis, and remaining successful with the top social media sites, it is like eating an elephant at one sitting.

No online marketing focus is more important than another, they are equal pieces to a puzzle that eventually determine what online businesses are going to succeed and continue to thrive, and which ones will get lost in the sea of their worldwide competition. On top of all that, measuring and reviewing analytics, making adjustments and creating new campaigns and content is an ongoing task that true success requires staying on top of. Knowing where to start and how to keep it all going makes the best marketers experts at multitasking and juggling.

The best place to start is on the drawing board so you can plan, schedule, create and implement strategic efforts that will combine a combination of search engine optimization, content creation and social media interaction into the least possible amount of tasks as possible. These efforts of course are further enhanced when you have first created the keywords or keyword phrases that are the most relevant to your products and services, and are also the most likely words your target market will use to find you in the search engines.

Logically, you would begin by determining your keywords and keyword phrases and make sure your own website has enough of a percentage that will flag the search engines, without looking as if you are keyword stuffing your site in order to manipulate results. In order to do that, creating valuable and compelling content that includes those keywords to add to your site would be the next in line. Creating a schedule to how often that content is delivered is next and knowing what is the ideal amount will depend on who your target market is.

When you have valuable content on your site, you can then turn to the social media sites and create campaigns based around attracting your followers back to your site in order to convert them to paying customers. Whether you offer time sensitive promotions or contests at your site available only to those on your social sites, or announce cutting edge information that they will want to visit your site to learn more about, these efforts are an ongoing process. Finally, reporting on your efforts and determining what works and what needs additional work is the last piece of the puzzle.