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Let Your Customers Click You to Success

Click to Success

A lot of internet business use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to generate sales.  But it is in the content of those ads that can make or break that marketing campaign.  You could zip off nearly anything in your ad and still get a few clicks, but that isn’t going to pay the bills.  You…

You Must Believe


One search on the internet will show your thousands of tips on internet marketing. Sometimes you read so many that you can’t possibly absorb the information to need to be successful. So it’s time to get back to the simple stuff, and the rest of it will come naturally as you grow your internet business….

Video Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing

Internet video marketing has gained in popularity in recent years.  A lot of internet marketers are doing it or planning on doing it soon.  A quick browse around the internet on popular business blogs or product sales pages will show you the growing number of marketing videos that are popping up everywhere.  Just as with…

Encourage Conversations on Your Blog


The most amazing aspect of the internet is that it allows communication between people that otherwise would not have that option. You are able to contact someone that is half a world away either in real-time or text, being able to share your thoughts and ideas as well as providing valuable information. In sharing your…

Tips for Better Link Building

Tips for Link Building

Most internet marketers know the value of building links in order to get web site traffic.  The more traffic you have to your site, the more sales you can make.  But a lot of you find the task difficult.  So to help you out, here are a few tips to get you started on the…

What You Need in Internet Marketing

What You Need

I’ll be honest with you.  Internet marketing is not for everyone.  There are a lot of people that start out strong, doing everything they have learned to do in order to be successful.  Then it happens.  They know there is the potential to make a great income on the internet, but when they don’t see…

Five Tips for Startup Survival

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With the dot-com boom between 1995 and 2000, there were many businesses that resorted to the internet to make fast money and get their businesses noticed.  But can you find those businesses on the internet now?  Of course you can’t.  Because that dot-com bubble burst, burying them in the jumble of failed businesses that did…

Innovate, Not Procrastinate

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I know that I always preach to do your research in your marketing strategy, but when you spend days on end searching the internet for information, writing down the numbers, and trying to figure out all of that information, you can overload your brain. Then you just stop in your tracks and you don’t get…

Find the Web That Works

Find the Web

No matter what your goals are in business, you have to realize the many opportunities the internet offers in building and monitoring your business. It is important to take the tips and hints from others and see what works for you in order to customize your marketing plan and continue to build and profit from…

Pricing Your Product or Service

Pricing Your Product

When you just starting out in internet business and marketing, a common question is what you should charge for the product for product or service that you are offering. There really is no easy answer to this question. What you will charge is dependent on the product or service itself, your niche market, and the…