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Google + Strategies That Work

Google + Strategies That Work

Google + is an important social media network for businesses to become involved in. One of the prime reasons it is so important is that Google + gets indexed faster in Google than any other medium, including your own website. This makes it much quicker to get your information out to the largest number of…

Social Media ROI for Your Business

Social Media ROI

Measurement practices for monitoring social media ROI for your business is still a controversial subject. While it is important to evaluate and monitor your effectiveness, it can be difficult to determine reporting parameters and the list of elements that would report successfully. Many businesses are still not clear on their use or how to use…

How to Improve Click through Rates

Click Through Rates

Click through rates (CTR) is a reporting system that ranks how many people click on the link to your website to visit a page located there. While placing on the first page at Google, Bing or Yahoo is an important achievement, it will not sustain itself long if the Click through rates is not ideal….

Lower Bounce Rates for Better Search Engine Placement

Lower Bounce Rates

An important activity to improve your website is to lower bounce rates for better search engine placement. A bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor stays on your site. It records the amount of site visitors that leave a site from the page they landed on or if they visited other pages within…

7 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Activities

Outsource Social Media

Unless you are a professional, or don’t mind being glued to your computer 24 hours a day there are 7 reasons to outsource your social media activities. Outsource Social Media Video Marketing Video marketing contractors can be instrumental in knowing what videos will become the most viral for your company. They should be able to…

Search Engine Optimization for Video Content

Video Content

With 40 million YouTube videos viewed per day, video content is becoming a popular medium for website marketing. Search engine optimization for video content assures that your videos get ranked well in the search engines. When done correctly, it also creates additional search engine optimization (SEO) success for your website. The biggest mistake that most…

Social Networking for B2B


The biggest mistake company’s make when working with social networking for B2B sales is using their social media mostly for sales and marketing. Another mistake they make is to underestimate the value B2B social networking sites can add to sales and marketing efforts. It is paradoxical and this is why many businesses struggle with using…

Facebook Fan Page Tips for Your Business

Facebook Fans

Use these Facebook fan page tips for your business to develop a community on the most robust website in the history of the internet. 92% of marketers work to create a vibrant Facebook community for a good reason. 20 million people becoming fans of Facebook pages every day. The chance is unequivocally certain that some…

Increase Website Traffic by Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

A powerful method for building traffic to your website is guest blogging. Creating blog posts that are published at other sites builds business at your website in a variety of ways. One of the most important benefits of guest blogging is the opportunity to create additional backlinks to your site. Backlinks to your website create…

How the World’s Top Brands Use Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a proven means for increasing revenue and profits. Staying up to date on how the world’s top brands use Social Media can help you create marketing plans for your business’s social media success. While not all the ways enterprise corporations use social media will work for your business, you are sure to…