Engage Customers with Video Ads

Video ads are a great idea to mix in with your social media marketing, PPC and search engine optimization efforts. In fact, this is getting to be more important for marketers as a recent Nielsen study has reported that there are more people watching online videos on a monthly basis than there are those who watch television. To back up Nielsen’s study of how much video is becoming important to pursue in your advertising strategy, Forrester reports that the domestic digital video advertising market is going to quickly grow from the $2 billion spent last year to $5.4 billion spent per year, in as quickly as 2016.

Pre-roll ads are becoming a fast growing, effective way to utilize videos for online advertising. These types of ads are personalized for brand and performance value, and guaranteed to be viewed. This makes them a safe investment to spend your marketing dollars on. There are also other types of video ad opportunities that you can use on your own website, at YouTube or other websites depending on your specific marketing goals.

Creating the best video ads requires the ability to immediately capture viewer’s attention and deliver your story and call to action in a compelling way, in a minimal amount of time. They also need to be updated regularly and often. Nothing will be more off putting to a potential customer than viewing the same tired video ad time after time from your brand. While some repetition is good to help build brand familiarity, going too far with that will equate to boring. Use standard branding to help solidify your brand saturation, but add unique and refreshing elements, such as new calls to action or other promotions to keep your audience’s attention.

When you create video ads for your online business, create them in a way that will be engaging and will build excitement. A great example are the video ads that Volkswagen has created that features dogs in a variety of activities, the products are almost secondary to the story line, but the ads keep attention and people want to watch them. When you have a high number of viewers who look forward to and want to watch your ads, you have a much greater chance to convert them into paying customers to help build your business. As always, make sure and keep an eye on each video ad’s analytics so you can adjust your efforts to reach the highest possible potential.