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How to Stand Out Against Online Competition


The online marketplace is the most challenging environment for businesses to make their mark in. Even the great businesses that have a great product or service offering, robust customer experience program and offline business model can quickly get lost in the crowd if they don’t know how to use the new search engine optimization and…

How to Handle Search Engine Penalties from Google

Search Engine Penalties

One of the worst things that can happen when your business is knee deep in search engine optimization efforts is to get a manual notice from Google stating your site has been penalized for breaking one of their quality guidelines. These penalties are sent any time a Google employee finds something questionable about a website…

How to Reach Your Market on Facebook


Social media marketing has some set rules, but for the most part, marketers are finding out as they go because of all the new developments that are constantly being made. Reaching millions of people becomes easier all the time, but reaching the ones that will actually support your business by buying your products and services…

Keywords are the Prime Ingredient to Search Engine Optimization


Keywords are the markers that point people in the direction of your web presence and knowing how to use, and more critically, use the right ones will make all the difference in the success of your website. While you might think the most common names for your products and services are the best choice in…

Using Social Forums for B2B Social Media Marketing Success

Social Forums

Social forums, especially those where businesses have the opportunity to get involved with answering questions is a popular way to network. LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites that offers groups and opportunities to offer expert knowledge in a way to strengthen social proof and become better known to potential new clients and…

Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Marketing


As you regularly review your social media marketing analytics, there are key performance indicators that you should keep in mind. Along with those indicators, you also want to watch your conversion rates for the efforts you are making. The reason for this even though key performance indicators look great, if you aren’t increasing your bottom…

Creating Viral YouTube Videos

You Tube

Every business that is involved with social media marketing dreams of creating a YouTube video that reaches a million viewers within a few hours. While that sounds unrealistic, it happens quite often and many times those videos are uploaded by regular people, not social media marketing gurus. Consider the man who shot his daughters laptop….

Social Media Marketing Success, Pay Attention to the Numbers

social media

Social media marketing is still one of the newest ways to market. It is also the most powerful when you know how to use the social networks in a way that will consistently gain followers and keep them engaged. The first place to start doing this is by paying attention to the numbers. The numbers…

Increase Site Visitors with Quality Over Quantity

site visitors

Today’s web surfers are getting more sophisticated and this demands an approach that goes above and beyond what was acceptable even last year to keep visitors pouring into you website. Unfortunately many websites are doing nothing more but adding more and more content thinking that since “Content is King” then the most is best. In…

Tumblr for Social Media Marketing


Tumblr is a social media site that isn’t’ heard about very often, but with 39 million users it deserves some consideration when it comes to choosing which new sites you might want to add to your social media marketing mix. It is thought to be an ideal platform for integrating visual media including photos and…