Boosting Lead Conversions with Smart Calls to Action

One of the newest marketing tools is the ability to create multiple calls to action on your website that will target to a specific customer in order to increase conversion rates. This automated system works depending on what criteria you choose about your target market and what calls to action you assign to each group and is referred to as Smart CTA’s (Calls to action). This will personalize their experience at your website in ways that have not been possible before this new automation has been created.

Smart CTA’s a dashboard that gives users the opportunity to create different algorhythms for their website according who is visiting and if they are a return visitor or not. For example, a brand new site visitor could be assigned to receive the call to action of downloading a free eBook or signing up for a complementary assessment or email course. On the other hand, established customers might see completely other calls to action including promotional news; discounts or more advanced sales funnel information.

Not only will this new automation system increase your conversion rate, it can also significantly increase your lead generation due to the way you set the calls to action from the beginning through the end of the sales funnel process. It can also help encourage more engagement with established customers and increase back end sales with how you choose to set it up. It’s geared to work by using contact information in your lead database to assign the different calls to action to. You can also further customize by choosing a variety of criteria such as geographic location, demographics, gender, age or other important criteria for your business. It is almost like having a live sales representative at your site greeting each visitor and spending one on one time with them.

This new automation is something worth looking into if you are serious about building your online business. In a nutshell, Smart CTA’s are designed to give the right information to the right person. It will also make sure that information is given at the right time in the right way and can be set up in a variety of ways to accomplish that for your business.

Stay tuned for more information about this innovative new online automation being created to increase your online sales. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at your database and make sure it’s cleaned up with contacts segmented into the kinds of categories that will help create a comprehensive call to action program for Smart CTA’s.