Add Facebook to Your Marketing Strategy

Every time you do an internet search for “internet marketing,” Facebook comes up somewhere in the results page.  Whether it is the social media site itself or ideas on how to use it in your internet marketing strategy, it does show up.  So you have to ask yourself if Facebook can be your friend in marketing your website and products.  My guess would be “yes.”  Once you learn a few tips on using the site to your advantage while minimizing any damaging uses can actually boost your business quite quickly.

You should know that there are a few things that you should and should not do on Facebook in order for it to be an effective internet marketing tool.

  • Don’t scam – First of all, this is the worst business practice ever!  Selling a product or service that does not deliver what is promised is a scam.  Just don’t do it.  The people that “like” your Fan Page are your friends, relatives, neighbors, and potential clients.  The reputation of your business is at stake whenever you post a product or service that makes wild claims that it cannot uphold.
  • Give them quality content – If you are proving good quality content, visitors will return to your Fan Page and visit your site and you will build the reputation of being the upstanding business that you are.  This leads your followers to recommend your business Fan Page to their friends and relatives, building your customer base.
  • Learn what spam is – There can be a fine line between sending content to people and overloading them with unwanted sales material.  Sometimes less is more.  Be conservative and tasteful in the communications you send to your Facebook community.
  • Stay in touch – along with reading what your Fans are writing, be sure to post your own business status every once in awhile.  For example, “We’re adding some new and interesting displays,”  or “We have a new team member!”  Post items that may be of interest to your followers, instead of just sale ads and product information.

Adding Facebook to your internet marketing plan can really help to get things rolling for your business, but you have to use it right.  Please share your experience in using this great social site in promoting your business.