The Benefits of RSS Feeds in Internet Marketing

There are many different ideas to use in internet marketing that are very effective in promoting your web site.  You can ask any veteran marketer and hear a dozen different tips to get you going.  In fact, the twelve tips will be different for each internet marketer you talk to.  The marketing strategies are different for each one, depending on their market niche and what they have found to work well for them.  But there is one little trick that some internet marketers neglect:  using RSS feeds.

Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary (RSS) can be used in several ways in order to draw traffic to your website.  The most obvious one is so readers can get your content almost as soon as it’s posted, with the ability to click through to your site.  RSS allows readers to keep track of all of their favorite sites without the need to actually visit every one.  But quite often, they still visit some sites for more information on the posts they receive.

Another option is to subscribe to RSS feeds from well-known sites such as CNN or other national news services and allow your readers access to those feeds.  Not only is the service free to non-competing entities, but it can boost your search engine page rankings with the use of their high-quality content.

With so many people receiving their web content on-the-go these days, RSS feeds are the perfect way to keep your readers updated on new content as well as creating a stream of return visitors.  This converts into repeat sales, increasing your return on investment in internet marketing.

Please share your experience in using RSS feeds to increase your web site traffic, and let us know how successful it has been for you.