Always Go Back to the Beginning

You have been building your web site from the ground up, putting your internet marketing strategy into good use.  You’re seeing some success, but you’re wondering why you aren’t getting the results that were projected in your marketing studies.  You started out with a lot of web site traffic and got some sales, but things have fallen off.  Your traffic and sales have slumped leaving you scratching your head.  There could be several reasons for this.

First of all, revisit your marketing strategy.  You have to be sure that you did not leave anything out.  If you have been doing your homework, you already have the most effective techniques in place.  After all, that’s how you got the web site traffic and sales in the first place.  You have proven that having that strategy is effective in selling your products.  Take a bow, pat yourself on the back, and then roll up your sleeves.  You have more work to do.

It may seem redundant, but you have to start all over again.  Start with step one in your strategy, taking a closer look at your web site.  How long have you been displaying the same graphics?  How often do you add new content to the site?  When your web site visitors have gone through all of your pages and have read all of your content, they don’t have a reason to come back if there is nothing new to see.  Refresh your site with new content.  If some of the current content seems rather “dated,” remove it or update it.

Have you been neglecting your online relationships?  Get out on the internet and keep in touch.  If they feel neglected, those people won’t be visiting your web site and buying your products.  Contacting them again will remind them of who you are and bring some of your web traffic back, especially after you refresh your site.

Go through each step in your marketing strategy that you took the first time, tweaking the plan with the knowledge you have learned in the first round and since you put it in place.  You’ll find that just a few small changes will make a difference.

Your tips, tricks and experiences can help someone that has this problem, so be sure to post them here to help.