What is On the Inside Matters

In marketing, your goal is to reach out to your customers and convince them that they should buy their products from you instead of someone else. It’s not always easy to do that. The art of persuasion is a learned talent that is used not only in face-to-face sales, but also online. It’s a bit more difficult to persuade people in type than it is in the physical world, since some people will read for awhile and then navigate away without seeing all of the benefits of your product. So it’s important to grab their attention early in your copy.

But it’s not just the ad copy and selling your product that matters to your customers. They have to see value in the content that you present to them. Articles, blogs, and eBooks that inform them on your industry are important. Not only do they have a better idea of why you offer the products that you do, but they can also see the usefulness of them. Your content can be better advertisement than your ads at times.

The people that visit your site for your content want to know where it came from, too. Make sure you have an “About” page that tells them who you are, and not just your business. You may also want to make your content more personal, speaking directly to your readers. They love to hear personal experience in the use of your products as well as how you came to offering them. But keep in mind that just a few testimonials are better than showing hundreds of them.

The key thing to remember is that people will buy products from companies and businesses that they trust, and if they know you on a more personal level, they will build the trust that is needed for their confidence in a purchase. As long as you don’t have any negative reviews against you (and you shouldn’t), customers will see that you are trustworthy in handling their purchase and delivery of their products.

It’s not what is on the surface of your web site that matters, but the personal contact and reputation that you build. What is in the inside matters, and if you have other tips to help someone, share them here.