Brand Building through Media Events

Building your brand by pursuing media events is one of the most effective ways to expose and establish your brand, online and offline. Having a media kit for media events so your business can help attract reporters is an important part of this effort. In particular, submitting press releases to the top press release submitting sites can create exposure for your business. You can then use that exposure to announce to your social media sites to further optimize your efforts at building your brand, getting more followers, and creating new customers from the publicity.

A media kit is a collection of information that makes it easier for the press to have the information they feel is most useful to report to the public. Having press releases that are most likely to get the attention of the media is the first step in attracting the media. This will help your business get the type of exposure from media events that is going to compel people to want to learn more about what products and services you offer. A media kit is also important to have in order to help your business get radio interviews, have articles written about newsworthy events and get more clients and customers because the press is encouraging people to shop with you.

Often times knowing your business is “media friendly” is enough to encourage reporters to turn to you when they are looking for a story and have a tight deadline to meet. Along with submitting press releases, having a dedicated space on your website that is search engine optimized for the media will help them be able to find your information easier. The information you will want in your media kit for media events is professional photos of your storefront, office, or yourself if you are a sole business owner. Photographs of special events can also be helpful.

Other information to include in your media kit for media events is your business history, background, how you got started and any other pertinent information that the media might like to highlight. You can also include past experience and education information for yourself and any other key partners or executives in your business. A fact sheet is always helpful to offer to the press so they can see a quick list of bulleted points about your business that would be interesting to include or develop into a story. Finally, keep a list of all of your press releases along with your media kit for media events. When you are ready for the media, the media will be more inclined to want to work with you.