Is Your Website Social Enough?

When you are focused on social media marketing success making sure your website is social enough to optimize your efforts is an important part of the overall strategy. Even with the best social media marketing plans, if people get to your business website and it is not compelling or attractive enough for them to stay there, they will quickly bounce away from it and your conversion rates will never improve. Instead, carrying the social media atmosphere through every part of your business website will help people feel welcome and stay longer. This is the best way to keep them at your website long enough to want to learn more about purchasing your products or services.

Giving your website a social feel should include every design element, the content, and how the content is laid out on the site. Having in depth knowledge about your target market will help you know what designs and colors are going to be most appealing to them. For example, if you sell hair accessories and beauty products, you can be bold, bright and colorful to appeal to a younger market. If you are a website that sells technical services for businesses, you may not be taken as seriously is your website is designed to look like unicorns flying over a rainbow. Instead, you would do better to have a more sophisticated look, without coming across as drab or boring.

If you are not sure what colors would best appeal to your target market, search on the top sites of your competition and see what is working for them. Obviously you do not want to plagiarize any part of their site, but you can use it to help model your site for the most effective return. Along with paying attention to the colors, take a close look at how they have their site laid out. Notice how what should be noticed first, is bold and clear and then less important items will be found the further you scroll down the page. This is important to keep in mind in order to capture your audience with the information you feel is most critical for them to know about your products, services, and business culture.

Along with colors and designs, make sure you add social media icons where they can be clearly seen and clicked on by visitors of your page. Asking visitors to “Like” your page on Facebook or to “+1” your page on Google is going to be much more effective if the button is right there for them to conveniently click on. Colors, designs and social network elements will help integrate your website with your social media marketing efforts, and you will see a higher rate of conversion.