Build Your Online Relationships

Once you have the perfect design for your website and you are building traffic to your content, it is important to acknowledge the people that visit the site.  After all, without those people your website would be useless.  It is important to show your appreciation to them in order to keep them coming back and telling their friends and relatives what a great website you have.  Not only will you keep a steady stream of traffic, but you will also increase your product sales.  So, since you know why it’s important to build your online relationships, let’s explore how to accomplish this.

When people visit your website and read your content, you offer them an opportunity to comment on it or contribute more information on the subject.  When someone leaves a comment, it is important to acknowledge the comment and respond back to it.  Even if it a criticism, answer back politely and thank them for their opinion.  Offering your own opinion in return keeps the conversation going and draws the interest of other readers that visit the page.

If your visitors request more information, offer to email it to them or let them know that they can sign up for your newsletter.  Either way, you are acknowledging the importance of the visitor’s request and letting them know that they are important to you.  Not only are you keeping your visitors coming back, but you are given the opportunity to let them know about products on the site that can help them, boosting your sales.

Share information and links for other sites that are related to your content.  Make sure the links open in a separate window, so the visitor does not have to leave your site to browse through the other content.  By sharing more information than you have in your content, the reader knows that you are genuine in your efforts to inform them on the subject at hand.  In other words, send them away to bring them back.  Be sure to include links to other relevant information on your own site as well.

In building these relationships, not only will you have loyal readers, but may also find some friends along the way.  If you have other suggestions or comments on this subject, please post them here in order to help others.