Save Yourself Some Time

In building your website and your social media pages, it is necessary to do particular things that help to get you noticed in the internet business world.  The tirade of methods can get confusing, but as long as you know some of the basic methods, you’ll be all right.  Software developers have stepped up to help you in this regard by creating tools that can save you a lot of time and energy.  If you haven’t studied up on internet marketing tips yet, maybe you should start now.  Otherwise, these types of valuable tools aren’t going to do you much good, since you won’t know how to get the most out of them.

One category of great interest is the SEO optimization tools.  Some are used for email, while others are used for websites and even social media sites.  For those of you that either never knew or don’t remember what SEO is, it is search engine optimization.  This is a very important factor in allowing people to find you in searches through the search engines as well as on web site hosts and social media sites.  The searching method the person uses looks for keywords, tags, or phrases in content that brings up a list that matches what they are looking for.  If your content matches the search and has the keywords or tags the person is looking for, it will show up on the top of the results list.  The different tools developed for this portion of your marketing plan can suggest the keywords for you based on your content on the web site, in your blog, or the posts on your social media sites.  Some blog sites have these “widgets” available for a nominal fee in addition to your business subscription to the host.

Another tool is one that combines all of your websites and social media links into one tool so that you can easily sign in to each site without all of the typing allowing you to easily monitor you site hits and comments, as well as allowing you to post answer to questions or put up a new blog post.

These are only two examples in software development that can save you time in your marketing efforts.  There are many more.  But be sure to do your research on these.  You don’t want one to duplicate what you can with another.

If you have used or know of particular apps that help in internet marketing, please post them here so we can all give them a try and benefit from them.