Create Content that Will Leave the Competition in the Dust

Any online marketer knows that content is King, and that to rank highly in the search engines, that content has to be valuable and created on a consistent basis. Written content is the most important and will continue to be for quite some time, and even though videos are important, creating written summaries of them is a requirement if you want them to reach their highest potential of funneling traffic back to your business website
With all the writing that needs to be accomplished, many marketers get overwhelmed or feel intimidated if their background is not in writing or journalism. The biggest businesses have dedicated writers and other businesses outsource writing to freelance writers or content companies, but if you can’t afford to do that, then figuring out how to create high quality content, consistently on your own is something you will want to pursue.
The best writing is what comes naturally and is worded in a way that appeals to your specific target market. It is also clear because even industry white papers should avoid the use of trendy jargon that will either go out of style, or may not be understood across the board of your target market. If you are business to consumer, writing in a casual, conversational tone is going to be best received, while a more polished tone is appropriate for business to business writing.
Creating a content calendar that lists different type of content you can write will help you stay on task. Whether you write a white paper, article for article marketing, blog post, product review, press release, interview, or other type of content, having it on a calendar keeps you aware of what kind of preparation or research you can do ahead of time. Plus, being able to see the variety of content you are creating will help assure that you make it more entertaining for your readers than always posting the same type.
When you write naturally with clear language geared in a way that you target market will best appreciate and have a calendar to list a variety to content to keep readers engaged, you will be a step ahead of your competition that is still struggling to keep up. Make sure and give yourself time to edit and proof read your content to make sure it reads well and post new content at least once a week or more for the best results. Eventually, you might want to consider hiring a dedicated writer or freelance writer to help you keep up with your growing business.