Increase Conversion from Sales Funnel Leads

For all the efforts you are making with social media marketing and SEO optimization of your business website and social media pages, and for the lead generation campaigns that you drive through all these activities, the conversion rate is the final factor in determining the success of your business. Knowing how to work with those leads in a way that will increase the potential of them turning into paid customers is the golden key of creating that success.
When you have a targeted lead generation campaign that you support through social media marketing and your own website, whether you are giving away a free eBook, a series of emails, video or some other incentive to get your target market to register and become leads, those leads will fall into one of three categories, the breakdown to these categories is that 25% of the leads will be in the position to follow through into a sale if they are handled properly, 50% of them will be qualified just for the fact that they registered, but will not really be ready to buy, and 25% are “Looky-Lous” who won’t buy aren’t aren’t worth the effort of trying to convert. That makes your work cut out of trying to figure out which ones are ready for sales, which ones need some additional persuasion, and which ones will quickly move on without buying and what to do with them.
Obviously the first 25% isn’t going to need too much. If you have a compelling message that proves the value of your product and they can justify the price, they will buy. The other 50% will need extra attention and being able to give them that attention in ways that will build trust in your business, gain a relationship and position yourself as an expert they can rely on is what you need to focus on. Ways of doing that includes offering additional information, sending follow up emails, not to market but instead to “be there” in support of whatever reason they would be interested in your product, and to make buying easy for them by including links to your sales page or offering discounts and additional reasons for them to buy beyond the obvious.
When you take the time with the leads you receive in a way that helps them feel great about buying from you, your conversion rate will increase significantly. Then you can set your focus on new lead generation campaigns that will capture new leads so you can repeat the process. Make sure and measure results with each campaign so you can replicate what elements work the best and improve on areas where you feel you are losing the leads from turning into sales.