Creating a Landing Page That Will Convert to Sales

Online activities are about getting people to your website and converting them into paying customers. If people are coming to your website and not converting to customers at a reasonable amount, then you will want to redesign your landing page to boost your conversion rates. The first and most important thing to look at is can you compel readers with the values and benefits of your products or services within the first three seconds of them landing on your sales page? If not, address that immediately. The three second rule is the most important to follow in order to capture potential customer’s attention long enough to continue on to make the sale.

Succeeding to capture customer’s attention within three seconds, images and action words are two elements to make sure and use. The web is becoming highly visible and without an engaging image, boredom will set in almost immediately. When listing benefits, describe them with verbs such as “You will learn”, “You will get”, “How to” do something. This is the best way to get the message across to your potential buyer not only are your products great they will “do” something for them.

After the images and action words, make sure you are conveying value. Explaining why a visitor needs to purchase your product or sign up for your newsletter or other giveaway, in a way that tells them the value they will receive from taking that action is important. For example, if you are giving away an ebook to generate leads tell them why this ebook is going to add value to their life by solving problems or helping them gain something they want. If you do this with at least three to four bulleted items, the value will stand out more visually so they are sure to see it.

Be short, simple and direct. A landing page is not a blog post so don’t treat it as such. Keep your words simple and clear and get right to the point. While you want to use descriptive words to give the best image of what your products or services offer, an overly detailed paragraph will lose the customer’s urgency to buy and they could easily click away. Keep the entire landing page easy to browse through with highlighted points, bullet points and lists in order for readers to quickly summarize the benefits, feature and value for them for completing the sale or sign up registration.

Finally make sure to use important keywords in order to help optimize your landing page for the search engines and run reports often to check your conversion rates. If you follow these steps, of the three second rule, action words, images, adding value and keeping it direct, you will notice that your conversion rate improves, the report will help you continue to review and adjust the landing page in order to get an even higher conversion rate.