Facebook Fan Page Tips for Your Business

Use these Facebook fan page tips for your business to develop a community on the most robust website in the history of the internet. 92% of marketers work to create a vibrant Facebook community for a good reason. 20 million people becoming fans of Facebook pages every day. The chance is unequivocally certain that some of those people could be potential new customers or clients for your business.

The first thing that you should do to build a lively Facebook fan page is put content creation as a top priority. Create an exciting “Info” page with compelling content, great pictures and videos if possible. Remember to use good search engine optimization tactics. Keep everything you add to this page clear and relevant to your business’s website topic. Featuring a contest or freebie on this page in order to entice visitors to “Like” the page is a popular way to gain more fans.

Having tons of Facebook fans on your Business’s fan page is great, keeping targeted Facebook fans engaged is better. Remember social media hinges on the social aspect. If you were at a business event and only shook hands with people, they would quickly forget about you. If you created interesting conversations and responded to their conversations, you will not only be remembered, you will be on your way to building strong relationships. That is exactly what you want to do at your Facebook fan page.

As you are working to build relationships with your business Facebook fans, you want to remember the 80-20 rule. Socialize 80% or more of the time, market 20% or less of the time. While announcing special news, sales, discounts or give aways can be welcome, too many of them remind people of spam and they will be quick to “Unlike” your Facebook fan page. Instead find topics that will be interesting and entertaining for your fans. The balance is to be personable and while maintaining your business’s professional image.

One of the biggest FaceBook fan page tips for your business is to give your fans the spotlight as much as possible. Your fans will love feeling as if you are paying attention to them. Mentioning them in posts that thank them or compliment them (Use @theirname so it shows up as a link) is a great way to give them that attention. Posts containing your fans will also show up on their site and give their friends the opportunity to become acquainted with your business.