Facebook Tips for your Business Page

By now you should have a Facebook fan page for your business. If you don’t, you should get one created as soon as possible because current statistics state that Facebook users will check out a business by searching for them on Facebook and trust is increased if they see you have an active presence. Keeping that active presence can be tricky though. In order to keep in the running of your competition, use the following Facebook tips.

Make sure that you or a representative from your business posts to your Facebook page every day. Posts don’t always need to be about your business; in fact your chances at keeping engagement strong are higher if you don’t only post about your products and services. Posting about current topics you know your target market would find interesting, asking questions and taking time to get to know your potential and current customers are always welcome. The best posting practice is to post two to three times per day, at different time periods. Facebook news feeds go by fast and gaining exposure requires strategic posting times throughout the day.

Before you post, check to see who has commented on previous posts and respond accordingly. Adding links to articles, answering questions and offering compliments will help keep the conversation going. When you are focused on what your customers need and they see that, they will want to find excuses to buy from you.

While you don’t want to advertise on your Facebook wall, you do want to add calls to action to keep people involved. Asking them to Like or share posts, answer questions, share ideas appropriate, especially when you are offering fun or valuable posts that people will be happy to pass along to their friends. Speaking of fun, Facebook is a social site and keeping that in mind and networking, as if you were at a party is a great way to warm potential customers up so they want to get involved.

Becoming popular and staying popular on Facebook is not hard to do, it takes consistency and responsiveness. When you are able to provide that for your Facebook business page, you will notice that more people start to like it and become active in posting, commenting, liking and sharing your content. When that happens your conversion rates will start to improve along with your brand exposure.