How to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media sites and businesses that are using it have reported that they get more sales through this site, and users spend more per sale than at any other social media site. It also helps with Google rankings, especially after you get 100 followers. Knowing this, it makes sense to get to work creating a Pinterest profile and increase it’s following to be able to take advantage of the benefits for your business.

The boards you set up for your Pinterest profile are important and should be relevant for your target market. Even if you sell a service, you can still set up boards that would appeal to your market. For example, a realty company can create boards such as “Curb Appeal” and “Kitchen Ideas” to share images that would give home owners ideas about how to get their homes ready for sale.

You can easily start to get followers by inviting your email lists to follow you on Pinterest. You can also add a button at your website for visitors to start following your Pinterest activities. Then, attractive other Pinterest users by posting great images that they will want to share and otherwise engage with. When you post, repin and engage with other’s posts on a consistent basis, it helps to grow your following more quickly than if you only login occasionally. That doesn’t need to take too much time though. Even fifteen minutes per day should be enough time to keep your Pinterest presence growing.

While you are consistently logging into your business Pinterest profile, add a high number of pictures to your boards. Users that have the largest amount of followers typically have several thousand images spread across very targeted boards. It’s easy to accumulate this amount because of “repinning” this is where you find images that are all ready posted to Pinterest and repin them to your own boards.

While you are busy filling your Pinterest boards up, make sure your Pinterest account is also linked to your business Twitter profile. This way for every image you choose to pin on your boards, you can also have the option to quickly send a Tweet to further keep your Twitter followers engaged. In this way, Twitter followers who are also on Pinterest will be able to also follow your Pinterest profile.

As your Pinterest followers grow you will see a growth in sales and in your search engine rankings. Keep up the consistent activity and remember to follow through when other’s post comments on your images. With this routine your business can have a robust Pinterest presence that is sure to bring extensive benefits to your company.