Finding Content for Your Infoproduct

In order to diversify your internet business, you may consider selling an infoproduct.  They can be highly profitable, offering low overhead in their creation.  Product delivery is quite often through digital means, saving on the cost of hardcopy printing and postage.  An infoproduct is created once and sold many times, giving a larger return on investment than physical renewable products that must be part of your inventory.

The biggest question is always where you can find the content you want for the product.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Create the content yourself – You can do searches in your area of expertise and write an informative report or a how-to ebook.  But you have to make sure your product is of high quality and gives the information that the buyer is looking for.  For example, make sure your how-to ebook actually tells someone “how to.”
  • Use content you already own – You can recycle and repurpose your old college papers, ebooks, and subject related short writings to create your infoproduct.  One caveat:  if you wrote it and send it to a client that has rights to the content, it is no longer yours.  Publishing it again for yourself can be considered a copyright infringement.
  • Use Public Domain information – Public domain means that there is no longer a copyright on the material.  Books, images, music and video can be re-published.  However, be sure that the content is up-to-date and provides the information your customers are looking for.
  • Outsource the content creation – With this option, you have to be sure that you also get Private Label Rights that give you exclusive use of the material.  You can hire a writer you already know, get recommendations for other people that have outsourced, or find a local writer through sites like CraigsList.

Once you have your infoproduct created and marketable, it’s time to get it out your loyal customers.  You make some reasonable profits in a short time with this type of product, and if you are already using this tip please share your experience here.