Four Newest Features of YouTube Analytics

YouTube has just been upgraded, and some people are not familiar with the newest YouTube features. Not only have there been layout and feature changes, but YouTube has also earned a new tool known as YouTube Analytics that you will want to become familiar with. Therefore, I am going to least the four new features below, and what they do.

YouTube now has a new dashboard overview for your statistics. Whenever you go to YouTube analytics you will be graced with an overview that provides important data all in one screenshot. You will be able to see certain things such as a summary of your views, video demographics, popularity by region, and you will also see overall channel performance.

There is also more detailed reports on YouTube Analytics. You will be given access to more detailed statistics that are intended to give you a more precise understanding of your audience and how well your content is performing. You will also have the ability to use filters, so you can find specific stats.

Audience retention is also another new feature in YouTube Analytics that tells you how far viewers make it through your video. There are certain numbers in place, however, that you have to reach before YouTube views your video significant enough to give you stats about the video.

There is also a new Estimated Earnings tab on YouTube Analytics. Therefore, if you are using YouTube in an attempt to make some cash, you are going to absolutely fall in love with this feature. You will be given estimated earnings on advertisement campaigns that YouTube offers.

If you know any more information about the new YouTube Analytics please let us know below in our comments section. Also, give us your opinions on the all-new YouTube Analytics.