Some Answers to Simple LinkedIn Questions

If you haven’t taken advantage of LinkedIn, I would highly suggest you do-so. It will definitely help you with your social networking campaign. Whether you have a LinkedIn account, or not, there is a few basic questions that always come up that people are just way too shy to ask. Therefore, I am going to try my best to answer these simple questions for you.

  • Am I Able to Customize The Anchor Text in the Websites Section of My Profile?

Yes, and you definitely should consider doing this. By having good anchor text, and another inbound link, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website. To do this, just click on “Edit” next to your Website’s field on your profile, and then select “Other” in the drop down menu.

  • Am I Able to Message People on LinkedIn, Even if We Are Not Connected?

In order to message people on LinkedIn, you have to either have a connection with them, or you must have a premium account. If you have a Premium Account, you can use OpenLink, if the user you are attempting to contact allows it.

  • How Can I See Who is Viewing My Profile?

You can only see who is viewing your profile, if you allow others to see when you view their profile. If you want to allow this, click on “Settings” and select “See what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.”

  • How Do I Put My Blog’s RSS Feed Into My LinkedIn Company Page?

You can do this with an app called Blog Link.

If you are new to LinkedIn, or you had simple questions that needed to be answered, please let us know if you found this blog post helpful to you by leaving a comment in the section below.