Give a Reward Now Get a Reward in the Future

If your internet business centers on info products, there is a little known trick that works very well in promoting your products.  After releasing several products of my own and taking some great advice from other internet marketers I discovered this method of promotion through a bit of trial and error.  It isn’t difficult to do, and works well if it is done right.  But if you don’t do this correctly, it could backfire on you.  So pay close attention, and weigh out your options in using this technique.

Each time you publish your ebooks, you are building trust with your customers.  They continue to buy your products because have faith in your content and the information they will obtain.  If you are already at this level, then this technique will work for you without a problem.  If you are still building, it can still work, but be sure you don’t push it too far.

The trick is in giving away a portion of a future product free to your loyal customers.  Even someone that is a first-time buyer can benefit.  For example, if you just published an ebook on eye care, and the next planned ebook is on prevention of eye problems, you could release Chapter One of the new ebook for free as a “sneak preview” of the new product with the purchase of the current ebook, or with a membership to your website.

Giving away that product preview shows your customers that you have the same great quality that they have already seen in your other products, and once they see the start of the information they will want to see more.  This can increase your sales of your new product before it is even available on the market.

If you have tried this tip before, please share your success story with us here.  If you’re just starting out, let us know what steps you are taking now in following this advice.