Over Advertising Can Be Fatal

From the first day that you publish your website, you plan your strategy for monetizing it.  It’s every internet marketers dream to have a great stream of income from their affiliate links.  But a lot of websites fail because of their advertising practices.  You can have the best content on the internet, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t have the website traffic that stays on your site long enough to make a purchase.

It is extremely important to choose your advertising wisely.  If your site is full of flashing banners and affiliate links that have no connection to your content, you are more than likely driving your visitors away instead of attracting them.  Not only will you lose site traffic, but you will lose credibility, too.  You have to remember that people don’t like to be “sold to,” they want to be in control and make up their own minds.  Having too many ads on your site can make them feel like you are shoving products at them, and could make them click away before they even look at your content.  Remember that sometimes less is more, especially in advertising.

Another consideration with the amount and type of advertising is the fact that it may prevent your page from being seen at all.  Although newer technology and faster computers can handle a lot of content, some of your followers are on slower computers.  Having a site that is overloaded with ads and banners could prevent your page from loading correctly or sometimes prevent it from loading at all.  After all of the hard work you put into your site, you want your content to be seen.  So do your visitors a favor and lighten up on your ads and banners to make their visit more enjoyable.

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