Give Your Audience What They Want

Along with providing great content on your web site, you want to gather a good email list to distribute your newsletters and promote sales.  After all, that’s what you are in business for.  But not all of your website visitors are prompted to give you their email address and first name, no matter how impersonal it may seem.  But there ways to help you to build that list without intimidating or spamming your web site guests.  The key is in getting them to your site in the first place.  After taking those measures, the rest may seem very simple.

First of all, give your web site visitors what they want.  In exchange for their email address, you can offer free eBooks or other content, such as music or videos.  Offering a subscription to the web site for free is also sometimes effective, with certain content only available to those that sign up for it.  This is opt-in list gathering, having your subscribers give permission for you to send them emails on a pre-determined basis, most often once a week.  Using articles that have not been posted to your web site yet is a good way of giving those particular clients the sneak preview of what is to come on the site, as well as your upcoming or current sales specials.

Another idea that has become popular is to have the visitors to your web site sign up for different raffles or sweepstakes.  Not only do you get their email address and permission to send them your emails, but you offer them the chance to win valuable prizes.  For example, one site offered the chance to win a popular brand of digital camera, with the winner’s name being published on the site as well as allowing them to publish a guest blog post.

These methods seem so simplistic, yet a lot of internet marketers skip over what could create a goldmine in getting and keeping clients.  You have to remember that there is no method that is useless.  It is only useless if you don’t try it.

If have experience in using these tips, or have questions and suggestions, I would like to hear from you.  Please post them here for others to read, as well as the answers provided to your questions.