Google + Strategies That Work

Google + is an important social media network for businesses to become involved in. One of the prime reasons it is so important is that Google + gets indexed faster in Google than any other medium, including your own website. This makes it much quicker to get your information out to the largest number of potential customers and clients. Knowing the best ways to use Google + will determine how successful you are at optimizing the business success you can gain from it.

One way to become successful using a Google + business page is to add personalization. People want to know who you are, not just about your business. Since Google + is a social networking tool, remembering to socialize is a huge strategy to capitalize on. When you engage with others in ways that they feel they know more about whom you are as a person, they will be more likely to want to do business with you. Of course you still want to remain professional, but talking about subjects such as your hobbies, children, family or pets is always welcome and more engaging than constant business. Try to add personal tidbits about you or your staff at least 25% of the time.

The next 50 to 55% of the time on Google + is for engaging with others. Find related topics and people who are passionate about them. For example, an accounting firm may find small business owners. Talking about small business hot topics such as how to get more leads, work with the right outsourcing vendors or other engaging subjects would be appreciated. With this strategy though, you want to give your attention to the small business owners, give them recognition, and engage with them on topics they bring up instead of doing all the posting yourself. This will put you in more of a peer relationship than a business trying to gain business with them. The rest of the time could be to announce more specific news about your products and services. However, you want to do that in a way that does not scream marketing to those that are subscribed to you.

Remembering to stay engaged with your Google + connections, by becoming personal and engaging with them are excellent strategies to network socially with those that may eventually become your customers or clients. It will also create more weight for your Google + page in Google. This will increase your ranking and your business will be found by more potential clients or customers.