How to Leverage Social Commerce with Twitter

Because it is one of the top three social media sites, it pays to learn how to leverage social commerce with Twitter. This social media site is among the top three largest in the world. There are a variety of ways to utilize it in order to build your business. The most obvious way is for branding purposes. Make sure you have a branded Twitter page that is extension of your branding efforts on your own website and other social media sites your business pursues activities on.

Providing time-sensitive campaigns can work out well with Twitter. If the campaign is especially appealing, your Twitter followers will share it to their Twitter followers. This will give you the opportunity to increase your product and service awareness while gaining sales or leads from the campaign. This campaign could be anything from “40% off sale for two hours only!” to “First 50 Twitter Followers that sign up for the newsletter gets a free – whatever you want to give away for free”. Be creative and relevant though. Just throwing something out there to get a response will be noticed right away and the effect will not be beneficial for your business.

While you are creating your time sensitive campaigns, you can also use Twitter to invite members to your other social networking sites. Someone that is a follower on Twitter and a fan on Facebook has an increased opportunity to engage more with your business. Also, because of how fast posts can fly through the different social media sites, it will give your business an increased chance of having posts that will get noticed, if not on one site, then on another.

When leveraging your social commerce with Twitter, the words you use are critical. There are only 140 characters available to catch someone’s attention and call them to action. Use them wisely. Messages that do not have the immediate hook are generally skipped over. Spend time viewing your biggest competitors and other large name brands tweeting habits. Chances are you will learn how to fit a great deal into 140 characters just by modeling the most successful Twitter users.

The most important thing to remember when you are working to leverage your social commerce with Twitter is that the times you tweet can cause success or failure to even the most compelling tweets. You want to make sure you are sending tweets at the optimized time for your target market. Combining the best times to tweet, with concise messages, invitations to join your other social media sites, and compelling campaigns will help your Twitter efforts become successful in your overall social commerce efforts.