How Being too Professional Can Hurt Your Online Success

Businesses interested in creating relationships that will lead to more sales and higher conversion rates are the most successful when they keep in mind that relationship building requires much more than being able to write content that would compete with a doctorate thesis. No matter how professional your brand is, if it can’t portray that humans are indeed the ones behind the product, the chances of appealing to those most interested in the topic your product or service falls into, aren’t going to be nearly as high as if you make sure there is a personable delivery in what you publish.

While your business needs to keep in mind the target market it is focused on, even the most learned rocket scientists and brain surgeons want to communicate in down to earth ways. Offering them the opportunity to do that will come across much better than worrying about how “corporate” or ultra-professional your business sounds. If showing off complex expertise is your goal, then the place to do that is in White Papers or when listing product and service features. For social media marketing, online professional networking or other relationship building efforts, being more casual will bring you the most popularity.

If you imagine yourself at a real networking event, such as a meet and greet or some other event that offers time to network with fellow professionals and potential customers, and all you did was remain cold and corporate, discussing only business topics, no one would want to spend time getting to know you. They would not become as interested in doing business with you as they would in your competition that was warmer, friendlier and could offer interesting topics to talk about alongside the more professional topics.

With this in mind, if your brand has been shooting to come across as corporate sounding and ultra-professional as possible on your social media sites and business blog, you might want to rethink your strategy. Opt for a more “golf outing” approach and save the more formal register for more official occasions. This will still give your business the opportunity to prove its expertise while creating an environment that is more approachable. As your popularity grows as a friendlier brand, you will see that sales will improve as well because no matter how high tech or complex your business is, people still enjoy talking about and buying from those they can feel a sense of relationship with.