Visual Content for Social Media Marketing

The most successful social media marketers know that visual content is King and while it will be a long time before written content is replaced as the King of the Internet, if you don’t have visual appeal, you will flounder at the depths of the social media market. To get noticed on the top Social Media sites, your business must create images that will capture follower’s attention immediately and make them want to engage in some way or another.

Getting Likes, Shares, Comments, ReTweets, Repins or whatever other sharing activities are available at the social media sites your business is marketing at is worth its weight in gold. The more types of engagement you get this way, the higher you rank in the engines, the more people are exposed to your brand, and the more social proof you will build. It just makes sense to take the time to come up with the visual content that is going to optimize your efforts.

When most people log on to their favorite social media site, they begin scrolling through an average of about 100 followers, friends, and Likes. Rarely do they take the time to read every post unless it’s from their closest friends, coworkers or family members. Instead they scroll until something catches their eye, if you don’t have that eye catching piece in your post, your chances of being noticed is severely diminished. This is why taking the time to create incredible images is so important.

Imagines should not just be of your products and services, and they shouldn’t be the same “favorite quotes” images that are floating around the social media sites for the past five years. Instead, get creative, make creative infographics or record videos of your staff or special events your followers would be interested. If you have a new product you want to show off, create the image in a way that looks more like an exciting work of art instead of something you pulled off your ecommerce page.

When you get creative and add images and videos to your social media sites, you will notice an increase in engagement with your followers. Make sure to watch the analytics so you can review which images get the best response so you can duplicate the success, or avoid sharing images that people don’t seem interested in. The additional effort will create a tremendous difference in the ultimate success of your business’s social media marketing efforts.