How to Consistently Create Relevant Content

Search engine success relies more heavily on content than ever before. Keeping content interesting and engaging for your readers gets more challenging as you continue to provide content. This is especially true if you have an extremely niche targeted website. One thing that can help you is to visit Google Keyword Tool often and type in different combinations of your keyword or keyword phrases to get different angles on how to approach the same topic.

Other ideas to consistently create relevant topic is to come up with a mix of different content types. For example, you could interview an industry professional, or a professional that your target market would be most interested in hearing from. For example, if you sell dog food, interviewing a veterinarian about what the best feeding amounts and times a day for your puppy would be relevant to your product and also engaging for those who just brought a new puppy home.

You can also break longer articles into a series of shorter blog posts. Not only will this help you keep content posted on a consistent basis, it will keep readers coming back to make sure they don’t miss any installments. This is especially popular for “How to” series or offering a collection of tips and tricks. Make sure each series post is about 300 to 400 words in length though so they will still be seen in the search engines as relevant.

Do searches for relevant topics to your specific keyword in the search engines and create reviews of products that you know your target market would be interested in. In the case of the pet food website, posting review articles about best pet toys, medicines or bedding could be ideal and still contain important keywords for the search engines. If the products are also listed on Amazon, you can look up reviews that have all ready been published and create a summary report of the reviews posted there. While you are it, set up an Amazon affiliate account so when people click on the product to purchase it, you will have an additional income stream coming in to support your business.

If you still have a hard time thinking up consistent content, you can create polls or contests and post articles about those. Many people are willing to complete a brief survey if there is a reward, such as a coupon or other incentive. Once you get started looking at all the different types of content that is available to post about, it will be much easier to keep relevant content posted consistently for your readers and also to help establish your online business as a valuable resource in the search engines.