How to Improve Click through Rates

Click through rates (CTR) is a reporting system that ranks how many people click on the link to your website to visit a page located there. While placing on the first page at Google, Bing or Yahoo is an important achievement, it will not sustain itself long if the Click through rates is not ideal. It will also show no return on your investment because there will be a lower conversion rate than if people click on the link to visit your site.

The easiest way to improve the click through rates from your search engine listing is to create descriptive titles that will also appeal to visitor’s curiosity. While SEO is a critical aspect when considering titles, appealing to potential site visitors should always be the first priority. Ideally, you will want to have the perfect balance of SEO and audience appeal.

When working to improve click through rates for Google, pay close attention to social layers. Google users have the opportunity to see how many people have +1’d your website or if your site was retweeted by Twitter friends. The more popular your site is with Google + and Twitter, the more likely people will click through to find out why it is so popular. Use a variety of popularity building tools for Google + and Twitter for better CTR on Google. For Bing, your website’s popularity on Facebook will also count. This practice will help with overall search engine optimization and click through rates.

For the best click through rates, and also for the best search engine optimization, avoid or limit Flash. For users that use Google as their preferred search engine, they have a capability of previewing pages of your website before they decide to click through to them. Since Google preview is inconsistent with showing Flash elements, the preview of your site could be unattractive if you use Flash as part of your web design. The easy fix to this is to remove Flash from your website. You may also want to periodically check the Google preview of your site to see how it looks to potential visitors. That way you can make adjustments if needed.

Understanding how your target market uses the search engines and what they would be most interested in is an ongoing activity. Consistently study your target market online habits and preferences to learn more about how to improve click through rates to your site. You will continue to rank high in the search engines and gain visitors that are most likely to buy products or services or become a member of your site.