Lower Bounce Rates for Better Search Engine Placement

An important activity to improve your website is to lower bounce rates for better search engine placement. A bounce rate is the amount of time a visitor stays on your site. It records the amount of site visitors that leave a site from the page they landed on or if they visited other pages within the website. They also record how long visitors stayed at your site.

The lower your bounce rates, the more the search engines assume visitors find your site to be a valuable resource. They will then rate your website higher in their search pages. If someone clicks to your site from a search engine page and clicks back to the search results page in under a minute, the search engine will assume it is because your website is not of the highest quality. You will not rank highly in the search engine under those circumstances.

One of the best ways to have visitors stay at your site the longest is to appeal to the right visitors. If someone is searching for a red coat to wear in cold weather, and you have keywords listed in the search engine that says “red coat”, they may visit your site. But if your website sells paint, chances are the visitor will click back to the search engines result page in less than one minute. This will result in a high bounce rate and is what you do not want to have happen.

In this instance, chances would be better if your keyword was listed as “red paint one coat” or “one coat paint in red”. That way you are attracting the type of visitor that is looking for what your site is really about and will more than likely stay longer than one minute, and thereby, creating a lower bounce rate.

While keywords are valuable when making efforts to have a lower bounce rate, your website design is critical. Offer visitors an attractive website that is easy to navigate. Make sure there is compelling content on each page of your site that offers valuable information to visitors. Content should not be so short that it can be quickly read and clicked away from, and it shouldn’t be too long that site visitors avoid taking the time to read.

Strategic website design that will help lower bounce rates for better search engine placement will place the most important information where visitors are sure to see it quickly. You only have about three to five seconds to create an impression that will keep visitors at your site to learn more. Make those seconds count by offering clear content they can see immediately.