How to Increase Social Sharing With the Art of Storytelling

Believe it or not, marketing is all about storytelling. Social media marketing is a great way to get your fans/followers to share your stories with others. If you are able to tie your users and your business together with social networks it will directly have an impact on the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Feel free to talk about mistakes that you have made on social networking websites. Usually, you will be able to spark interest with your readers because you are telling an interesting story that most likely a slew of people will be able to relate to. By telling stories like this, you will be humanizing your brand and will make you more relatable to your fans/followers. By sharing your mistake on social networking websites you will become a part of the community rather than someone that is just simply marketing to the community.

Also, consider making your content personal. This may sound like a generic statement, and you could be wondering what I mean. Well, whenever you discuss a certain topic, explain why you are discussing the topic and why that topic is important to you. There is a reason why you have created the content, therefore you should share your motivations with your audience so they know why they should care about what your content.

Of course, one of the biggest tips is talking like a human. Drop all of that business babble. Stop worrying about sounding smart. It is alienating and condescending, and your content will be quickly lost with your audience. Always remember that clarity is certainly more important than using big words to sound smarter.

If you have any other storytelling tips that will help internet marketers, please list them below in our comments section.