How to Keep Your Social Media Followers Interested

While it is fairly easy to get followers to your social media sites, it is more difficult to keep them interested and engaged. Many followers will either remain dormant, or will quit following you altogether. When you figure that each follower that you have at each social media site you focus your social media marketing efforts to, each have their own collection of social media sites they are trying to keep up on, whether it is personal or business social sites. Along with the collection of social sites, you can estimate that each person that follows you, is networking with an average of 125 to 150 followers or friends.

With those figures in mind, it makes it more important than ever to make compelling and unique efforts to keep your social media sites followers interested enough in your content to engage, share and convert from followers into customers. If you or staff members are creative and can come up with content that adds value or entertainment to followers, then your chances of keeping them interested are going to be much higher. If you are focused too much on selling your followers, they will lose interest fast. People are becoming immune to advertising and it is irritating for them to feel as if they are being advertised to at their social sites. It is best to avoid this entirely other than perhaps posting an occasional notice of a huge sale or some other news topic that you feel your followers would truly value.

Another topic to avoid posting about too much on your social media sites is content solely about you or your business. To post something entertaining about yourself or your business every once in awhile will allow followers to get better acquainted with you, but they will get bored quickly if the bulk of your content is about you or your business. You also want to avoid saying the same thing in different ways. This happens most often when someone posts something that seems to get a lot of attention. In order to capitalize on the attention, they post something that basically is the same thing, but with different words or a different image. That gets redundant and will not encourage your followers to keep commenting, sharing, or getting excited about the same thing over and over again.

The best content will focus on your followers and add value or entertainment for them in ways that clicks with them on an emotional basis. For example, if you sell shoes, they might want to hear about the latest fashions coming up, or how to effectively wear a style of shoe with different outfits, not how you have shoes 25% off or how what pair of shoes you are wearing every day of the week. Keep this in mind when you are planning your content and you will find that your followers stay interested and engaged with your social media content.