Increase Visitor’s Time at Site for Improved Online Performance

When the search engines see that people are hanging around your site for awhile, they think it must be because you have great content worth featuring in their search pages. The result is they will rank you higher and more people will find your site to give you the opportunity for increased sales. Of course, to truly excel at this, your keywords and keyword phrases need to be very relevant for what people are going to use in order to find your site. For example, if your keyword is “Train Your Dog” but your product is foot odor protection, people are probably going to click on and off your site within seconds. That would result in the search engines thinking your site is worthless and you will drop back down the rankings about as quickly as people are clicking off your site.

So, start with relevant keywords and then fill your site with compelling content that people want to stick around and engage with. What determines good is completely up to your target market. If you are a business to business site, you would obviously want content that would appeal to professionals and if you are business to consumer, you want to be more casual. As far as the medium you publish that content, particular content is going to keep people parked at your site longer than others.

Slide shows and galleries are always a great choice to keep people scrolling through the pages of your website, for no other reason than these content types take longer to get through than if you have everything listed out on one page. Besides that, images are becoming as important as content, with content still required, but great images to go along with it also expected. Videos also offer a way to keep people at your site the longest and the current stats are consumers will watch videos 60% of the time, especially if they help them understand how your products or services work or offer some other valuable information about the topic your products are services are about. With this in mind, tutorials, product reviews and comparisons are some of the best video content to publish.

Taking the time to create high quality slide shows, galleries and videos will greatly increase the amount of time people stay at your site. The search engines will begin to favor your website when they see how people stay there longer as well. The overall result will be an increase in business and that is what the primary objective for having a business website is all about.