Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest exploded onto the market as one of the most active social media sites in the history of the internet, but few realize how to use it for the social media marketing efforts in the most effective ways. When you do know how to use it, it can increase traffic to your website and start converting to more sales. The best results will include high quality images and knowing how to post them and include links back to your website, which all in all is a simple process that can create significant results.

In order to start marketing on Pinterest, make sure there are high quality images on your own business website. If you sell products, that is fairly easy to do, you can use your product images. If you sell services, it can require a bit more creativity, but adding relevant images that relate back to the services that can be used on blog posts or other website pages will work. Make sure the images relate to the content though or people will feel as if you are trying to trick them into viewing pages they really aren’t interested in. If you sell accounting services, having images of people jumping for joy can be relevant if used in the right way. There is always some visual that can be used, so you can take advantage of Pinterest even if you sell services instead of products.

Set up a Pinterest account in your business name and use the same branding information, logo, etc… as you do on all your other social media sites and then set up Boards that will be used to add and re-pin images to. This is another time to be creative and can include an assortment of topics that are not solely focused on your products or images. “Office Furniture we Love”, “Local Attractions”, or any other professional topic would work well.

Now it is time to add images. Make sure the images look great and are large. Add a compelling description to them. “10 Tips to grow the perfect tomato” with a picture of luscious tomatoes and a link back to your blog article about growing tomatoes could be extremely popular for businesses that sell home and garden products. Along with adding your own images, re-pin other people’s pins to your own boards to set some reciprocal pinning in motion. Follow “Pinners”, especially if you see they are following your pins. Soon you will have a great collection of pins and can continue the process for ongoing social media marketing success through Pinterest.