Integrate Online Marketing and Advertising for Higher Success Rate

To get the ultimate return on investment for online marketing and advertising efforts, integrating your campaigns is the way to go. Consider for example if you create an advertising campaign that offers a 15% discount and they ad runs, people see it and might want to check it out later and then they can’t find the ad. So, they go to your website and there is no information about how to receive the discount. At that point not only did your business probably lose a sale, but it also left a bad taste in that potential customers mouth because they did not get what they were looking for.

To avoid this, start every marketing campaign off at your own site. If you offering a free item for every order, a discount or other promotional, make sure it is clearly published on your website, preferably on the homepage. After this is completed, you can run any type of advertising or marketing and feel assured that people will be able to cross reference the ad with what is actually being offered at your website.

You can continue to compound on the success of an advertising campaign by also running social media marketing campaigns across every one of your social media accounts. How you do this might have to be different because it is important not to advertise to your social media followers, but announcing a deal is okay if it is only done occasionally. Of course you might also consider purchasing promoted comments on Facebook or Twitter for the additional exposure. When these tie into an Adwords campaign it can instill a larger return on investment.

An important consideration of running an integrated marketing and advertising campaign is to make sure and post during times when your target market is most likely to be exposed to the posts. For businesses, the best time is generally between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm in the time zone that the majority of your specific target market does business in. For personal, later in the evening or on Sundays is ideal.

Remember to post any type of sales or promotional on your website first. Then when you run an ad campaign and also send posts out on your social media sites, you will have a robust system that will be sure to reach the highest potential amount of your target market. Make sure and test the results by running reports so you can adjust your campaigns for the best results.