Let Them Find the Way

With all the work you have been doing to provide quality content to your web site visitors as well as advertising your products, you are starting to see some good numbers in the people that are clicking to visit your site.  But do you know how long they stay there, and what they see?  Sometimes a breakdown of those counts is necessary in order to improve the site and see what is working for you and what is not.  Internet marketing is a constant job, whether you are working from your home or on the beach.  Constant vigilance is necessary in order make any changes in your marketing strategy that will keep your customers happy and build your web site traffic and increase your sales.

But there is something that some people miss when they build their sites.  On the main page, you have links to all of your content as well as your products.  But do you have a link back to your main page?  The other problem is that people visit the site to get contact information.  Whether it is email, a telephone number, or social media links, your customers want to know that they can contact you.

Links to your contact information should be displayed on every page, and sent in newsletters and order confirmations to be sure that your customers feel confident that they have made a good choice in purchasing a product or service from you.  If they can’t find what they are looking for, that first click may be their last on your web site.  No matter how great your products are your reputation as a stable and honest business is the most important concern to your clients.

Give your clients and web site visitors a map to follow in order to find YOU and not just the product they want.  In maintaining good contact with them, you will build the trust that spreads that word-of-mouth advertising that brings more web traffic and sales.

There are many different ways to keep your clients coming back to you, and it’s much appreciated when you leave your comments and tips here to share.