QR Code Tips

QR Codes tips will help your business begin to use quick response codes for marketing and branding to increase online and offline business. QR Codes are similar to barcodes, but they are designed to work with mobile devices such as smartphones. They enable users to scan the QR code in order to immediately upload information to their devices.

QR Codes can be used online at social media sites or your own website. You may even be able to put them on other websites in advertising campaigns. They can be used offline as well in newspaper and magazine advertisements, fliers, and on business cards. This allows customers or potential customers to immediately upload your contact information into their mobile device contacts folder. Some businesses have already begun to print QR Codes on their product’s packaging that will direct customer’s to online information about the product or offer discounts on their next purchases.

You can create as many QR Codes as you like for your business including marketing campaigns, coupon promotions, contact information or any other information you may want to share. The first thing to do is to determine what you want to offer your customers within the QR Code. You want these to be very specific, a QR Code that does nothing more than direct people to your homepage will not give them an appropriate call to action.

When using QR Codes to send customers to specific pages in your website, make sure those pages are mobile friendly. This means keep the page simple and without too many graphics or other elements that will cause it to load slowly. Test it on your own smartphone or mobile device. Check to see how the text appears and if the site is attractive and easy to navigate on a mobile device. If not, make adjustments until it is.

Create QR Codes you can track for ROI reporting and other analytic reports that your business uses to track marketing campaign success. A specific code or creating QR Codes that point to different pages on your website are two ways that can help you keep a collection of QR Codes separate. That way you can gauge which ones created the most success.

Get creative and use these QR Code tips to test the possibilities for your business. Make sure and test them before you publish them. Run reports and adjust them as necessary. You will find that QR Codes will help your business in its marketing efforts as more people start using them.