How to Keep Your Business Facebook Fans Engaged

Getting Facebook Fans can be as easy as inviting customers and asking them to invite their friends. Knowing how to keep your business Facebook fans engaged once they get there is a bit trickier to accomplish. There are close to 1 billion Facebook users, many of them check their accounts every day. They typically do not comment or engage with every post they receive, there are just too many. With this in mind, it pays to be strategic in order to keep your fans engaged with your business Facebook page.

One way many businesses are finding success in keeping their Facebook fans engaged is to create a forum at their Facebook site that requests opinions about their products and services. Customers love to share their two cents so these types of forums can be a hit. Posting questions and polls that allow customers to feel involved in business decisions or giving their opinions about current products and services can also be successful

When you create a forum, ask questions on your wall or create a poll, keep your questions creative or personal. For example, if you sell jewelry ask fans which piece is their favorite and why it is their favorite. Or if you sell auto insurance, ask your fans what their first car was.

While questions are great to get Facebook fans engaged, keeping them engaged is the next important task. Responding to fans comments, posts, or other activity on your page should be done as soon as possible. Use open ended sentences and keep the conversation going. When you are making your response to a specific fan include @theirname in the post comment. This will give them recognition on their own page and further expose your Facebook page to others.

Knowing how to keep your business Facebook fans engaged means that you know when to post and how often to post. You will catch the business fans between 11 am and 1 pm through the workweek and individuals later in the evening. If you can schedule consistent posts in both those time sets, you will reach the largest number of your fans. Posting interesting and engaging posts often will condition your fans to look for them.  If they do not see them in their feed, they will be more apt to go to your page to check for updates if they know that you are always posting interesting and entertaining posts for them to comment on or share with their Facebook Friends.