Reach Out and Touch Someone

In the internet marketing world, you will never succeed if you are the type that sits at the desk and stares at your monitor waiting for someone to visit your site.  It just will not happen that way.  You have to realize that your site is just one in a sea of millions, and just because you publish it does not mean that anyone knows you are there.  You must also realize that you won’t get 1,000 viewers on day one or even day two.  This is a process that is built wisely over time by different methods and takes a bit of effort on your part.  Now that the reality check is given, let’s get to work.

First of all, after all of your hard work in building your web site, you don’t want to overlook any small details that could drive viewers away.  Find a few friends and family members to test out all of the pages on your site for proper function, such as links taking them to proper page or reference web site.  Have them read your content for any necessary edits or even suggestions on what to add or remove.  Ask them what they think about the graphics used on each page, and if they are appropriate to the content.  If you get any criticisms, don’t take them personally.  Remember that this phase is for a constructive critique of your work that will give you valuable information as well as how other readers will view your site.  After all the information is gathered and tweaks are done, thank your testers and ask them to spread the word about your web site.

Here is where the fun comes in.  Let’s say your sister is one of your testers and she likes the look, feel and content of your site.  She will tell her friends by email, on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, or one of the other multitudes of social networks.  Her friends will check out your site and pass the word on to their friends, and they to their friends, and so on.  In addition, you can spread the word yourself this way to add to the fun.  But be warned – posting a link too many times in a day at the same site is considered spam and should be avoided.

This is just a starting point in getting web site traffic, but as you continue through the other methods there are, be sure to go back to your roots and continue to reach out and touch someone.  This shows your social nature as well as your willingness to assist your viewers with any questions or concerns they have.  Comments on this material are encouraged, and if you have any tips for your fellow readers, I’m sure they will be much appreciated.