Sometimes Looks are Everything

So you have built a site with some great content, a great niche product or service, and you’re getting the word out there that you are online.  That’s great news, since that is what internet marketing is about.  But you have to take other steps to reach your goals in getting and keeping visitor traffic to your site.  You can have the content and the best products or services, but if you insult the visitor by shoving an idea down their throats with too much “flash” on your site, that one click is all you are going get.

Along with your great product and content, you need to have good esthetics on your website to make the browsing experience more pleasurable for not only new visitors, but the repeat visitors as well.  So we’ll start with the first steps.  First of all, don’t have just plain text on every page.  It’s boring, with no visual stimulation for the viewer, and after a good yawn, they’ll be gone.  Secondly, make sure the graphics or pictures you post are relevant to the content is it displayed with.  For example, if you are writing about hamburgers, don’t post a picture of a fish.

Now here comes a very important point.  The more flashing graphics you have on a page, the more annoying it is. Quite frankly, the flashing graphics will distract the viewer from the content, as well as giving a feeling of desperation in selling your products.  The distraction from the content prevents viewer interaction, which can provide links to your site in their spreading the word about your great site.  In the product division, the desperation turns them away as possibly being a low-end product.  Instead, use colorful wording and a smaller picture to show the nature of the product, and put it in a sidebar or as a small addition to the article or blog itself.  You want to show quality in content, not quantity in flashing graphics to get the viewer’s attention.

Links within the text, being subtle and integrated nicely into the text, will provide results as well as having a sidebar ad for the viewer to click on.  Without giving all the flashing graphics, your viewers will concentrate more on your content and product descriptions, allowing for optimal chances in sales.  Providing the opportunity to click on the pictures themselves that lead to your products is another option to consider.  In the end, a good looking web site as well as the great content you provide will optimize your sales and bring your viewers back repeatedly.

If you have other suggestions to optimize a business website, please share them here.  After all, we’re all in this great adventure together, and any help is always appreciated by everyone.