Social Media Marketing Success Includes Images

In order to keep an edge on the competition, your business’s social media marketing success needs to include visual content to appeal to today’s web users. The popularity of sites such as Pinterest, and the new Facebook timeline are evidence that images are becoming more popular than text content in regard to getting people’s attention and encouraging them to take action. Images and infographics created to help support social media marketing is also becoming more popular with mobile phone users.

People are using the internet now more than they watch their television and they enjoy searching for and sharing images. Even in business environment “infographics” is becoming more popular than content that is predominated with text. Infographics are images that contain information, they are typically image rich and use graphs and charts along with other types of images to highlight contents of a report, tell a story, or share any other variety of information.

With this in mind, adding visually rich elements to your website and social media sites will help your business become more successful in social media marketing. For marketing purposes, create colorful images that highlight information you want to market, instead of just posting a comment about it on your website or social media sites. When people like the images they see, they are more apt to share them with their friends, which could help your business grow additional exposure. Also, make sure that products have great pictures to go along with them, even services can add images of people using the services or other related images that will keep people more interested in staying at your website.

Encouraging followers of your social media sites to post images is also popular. Many of the large name brands host image contests that are always a popular idea. If your business hosts a contest like that you can gain additional exposure for your business because people will want to check out the images that people are submitting, and if the contest includes voting, more people will come to your website in order to vote for their friends.

When you start using images and infographics at your website and the social media site’s content, you will notice that people begin to become more engaged with your business. Using promotional contests and other events to include additional images from customers or social media followers is also another way to increase engagement at your website.  Make sure that you use high quality images that are colorful to grab people’s attention immediately.