Successful QR Codes Tips for Social Media Marketing

QR codes are those unusual looking square designs that are showing up on television commercials, billboards, magazines, envelopes and other print and media. In fact, they are becoming so popular that they are showing up on t-shirts, coffee mugs and all sorts of promotional items. They are created to allow smartphone owners the capability of quickly scanning them to get a variety of information including coupon and discount information and contact information.

In order to create successful QR codes campaigns, you need to make sure that your QR codes are standing out from the crowd. While the initial rush of scanning all types of QR codes just for the novelty of them is starting to wear off, people are not as apt to scan your business’s QR codes just because they can. Using branding and specific goals for the QR codes will help.

While you can create QR codes for free online at a variety of QR code generator sites, using an expert QR code professional will help you create colorful QR codes that can visually including your logo or other branding information. This will create more eye-catching QR codes that smartphone users will be more likely to want to scan. Also letting people know what the QR code is for will help them make the decision to scan it as well. This could be straight information such as your contact information, or it can be more fun such as “Scan this QR code and receive a surprise discount of up to 50% off”.

Creating the call to action for people to scan your business’s QR codes is important because they will be more likely to scan a QR code when they know what it contains. They can also be a fun way to play with your target market and make them more like opening a present, such as “Scan to Win”. Even with a surprise QR Code, letting them know the reason they should scan it will help encourage them to take action.

When you have colorful QR codes generated for your business, make sure there is some sort of tracking in place before you publish them to be scanned. The tracking will help you determine how successful each QR code campaign is and what to do to make it better. This can be as easy as directing QR code scanners to a dedicated page of your website in order to get a code for their prize, or have tracking imprinted in the QR code itself.