Social Media Marketing with Tumblr

If your business does not have a presence on Tumblr, it may consider getting one. Tumblr is the second largest social media site, even larger than Twitter in terms of how much time is spent at the site and the high rate of user engagement. Tumblr is a microblogging site that allows you to post any number of audios, videos, text and links. This gives your business the additional opportunity for large exposure.

Creating a Tumblr page for your business website is as easy as creating any other social network account. Remember to use rich keywords that describe your business and your business logo and other branding information. You can immediately begin microblogging and looking for “Likes”. Follow the same engagement rules as you do on other social media marketing sites which are stay 80% social and 20% marketing, and keep the marketing on the discreet side. You do not want to appear as if you are posting ads, but posting promotions or contests can work well. Mostly you want to go after exposure and have great content that will prompt people to click through to your business website where you can market to them.

Make sure when you set your Tumblr page that you choose a great name that is descriptive and interesting because Tumblrs will be more likely to check it out if it peaks their curiosity. For example, if your business name is “Betty’s Baking” it is not going to sound as interesting as “Bodacious Baking Betty”. So get creative with the name of your blog while still being descriptive for the best effect.

While on Tumblr, “Like” posts that will fit into your business social image. Your blog name will appear in the stream below the post adding to the exposure opportunities and will begin to create some engagement. You can also reblog content that will fit with your business image, be choosier about what you reblog because Tumblrs can tell if you are reblogging heavily just to get site ranking. Choose content that is going to have a definite value for your target market.

With a great name, getting around Tumblr and “Liking” and reblogging posts will give you a good start. All that is left to do is to keep a fresh stream of unique and compelling content to your Tumblr page and to market it to get more Tumblr followers, much the same as you do for your other social networking sites. Happy Tumbling!