Make Sure Your Online Marketing Converts to Sales

The new way of marketing is confusing for many businesses. Social media marketing means to market on a relationship building level. This is in direct contrast to advertising of the past. Due to this, many businesses have become engaged with the top social media websites but cannot figure out why their sales are not increasing. In order to make sure your online marketing converts to sales, you have to do more than become engaged.

The number one reason your social media marketing efforts may not be converting is because you are not connecting with people or businesses that need your products or services. Having thousands of random followers and fans might create exposure and get some accidental sales, 500 followers and fans that are most likely to need your products or services creates an audience more likely to convert to customers.

Another reason is that it may be confusing for your social media followers and fans to know what your business is about if you are spending most of your time being social and less of your time being educational. While you want to make sure and avoid direct marketing on your social media sites, you can make sure you are educating potential customers what your business is all about. Posting accomplishments, asking them to suggest new products, or other posts that are educational and entertaining can help potential customers learn what your business is about, without the feeling that you are advertising.

Your social media followers and fans may not be converting to sales because you are not asking them to buy. You certainly do need to be careful in regard to how you ask customers to buy. The best way is to announce special promotions or sales at a 10% rate of your entire posting focus. That will help remind followers and fans that you have valuable products or services, without coming across spammy.

Keeping your target market in mind, staying very clear in regard to what your business is about and asking followers and fans to buy your products or services to make sure your online marketing converts to sales. It will make the time and effort spent on your social media marketing more profitable. You will also notice that as you become more proficient converting through you social media sites that they are more valuable sales because you did not invest your marketing budget in order to get them.