Social Media Marketing with Viral Ads

If you have been using any form of social media marketing, you have learned by now that you need to be very careful about how you market to your social media followers and fans. You realize that people are becoming more turned off by anything that seems like advertising, yet you know that social media marketing is the most powerful way to get new customers while also keeping current customers excited. With this in mind, finding ways to market, that do not come across as ads, and specifically creating viral marketing that will be liked and shared is every social media marketers dream campaign.

The most successful viral ads all have the same elements that make them viral. If you can implement those elements into your own social media marketing efforts, you could start getting thousands or even millions of new visitors checking out your website just because of one successfully viral content piece. The first thing to keep in mind is that images or videos have an immensely larger chance of going viral than an article or blog post. While you are creating the image(s) or video(s) that you hope will go viral, make sure you do not over brand them in any way or the opportunity to go viral is going to decrease significantly.

The next thing to remember is that the title needs to catch people’s attention immediately. “Dad shot daughter’s laptop” is one of the most viral videos in the history of the internet, getting millions of views in one day. While this was not a business marketing video, it perfectly highlights how attention grabbing the topic was.

While catching their attention immediately is a good start, keeping it is the second challenge that most marketers fail at. If your social media marketing attempt will be to create a video that you hope will go viral, keep it short to help keep people’s attention. The whole secret is to provide people with an emotional experience and the two most important emotions to evoke is joy and shock.

Your business can create a successfully viral video marketing campaign if you remember to include the most important elements, starting with a title that readers will not be able to resist. Make sure the content lives up to the title though or viewers will quickly become turned off. Keep the emotional reaction high and branding efforts low and you will have a video worthy of sharing to gain tons more exposure for your business.