Social Media Success Requires Emotional Marketing Styles

Many businesses are working hard and not getting very far with their social media marketing efforts because social media success requires emotional marketing styles. Social media marketing is engaging people at their personal social media profiles and most of them are not in a logical mindset. Instead, they want news and information that moves them, even on the most professional of levels.

Any marketing manager knows that people buy according to what they need, what makes the most sense, and how they feel about the product or service they are interested in. The bottom line to that means that people will buy your products or services is they need or want them, and if they trust your business. When you touch someone on an emotional level, they trust you more than only reaching them on a logical level.

It is also a well known fact that you have less than five seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention. Since people make decisions based on emotions first and then justifying it with logic, it makes sense to go for the heart in your social media marketing efforts. This holds true with business to business social media marketing as well even when the final decision needs to be based on price points. Buyers are going to take the time to investigation needed products or services more if you first catch them on an emotional level.

One way to accomplish social media success with an emotional marketing style is to make sure your business has a unique personality. Playing it too safe with your branding efforts can work the opposite way you might imagine because less trust is built up when a potential customer does not feel as if you are really showing the true heart of your business. When you develop a strong persona, trust builds more naturally because your business comes across as being more transparent.

Another way to accomplish social media success with an emotional marketing style is to appeal to the values that your target market most value. When you focus on what is most important to the majority of your target market, your business will have the image of caring about those values which will help potential customers feel more comfortable making purchases.

When you remember that social media success requires emotional marketing styles, your marketing efforts are going to reach new levels of return. Create and expose your business’s unique personality and highlight values that are important to your business and target market. This will create more trust and potential customers will be more open-minded to buying your products or services.