Social Media Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is the newest social media website that is growing faster than any other social media website in the history of the internet. Social media marketing with Pinterest is a great idea for your business and now is the time to get started while it is still new and hot. “Pinners” are excited to “pin” every type of image under the sun.

How Pinterest works is each user can set any number of “Boards” and pin images to them. Boards for weddings, baby showers, home décor, art, humor and anything else under the sun can show up as boards. “Pinners” have can follow boards that are specific to their interests, they can “Repin” images that are of special interest to their own boards to share with their friends. They can comment and engage with other “Pinners” much the same as Facebook.

How this is beneficial for your business is a new venue for social media marketing. The first thing you want to do is create a Pinterest account for your business and start to engage with the “Pinners”. Set up boards that describe your products or services. If you are a restaurant, pictures of your menu items will be well received. You can add these images to include links to your business website and receive a growing amount of interest in your business just by the quality and interest of the images you use.

Remember that Pinterest is a social media website and the same social media marketing rules are still effective. Make sure and “Like”, comment and “Repin” other’s images as well. There is so much to choose from, you can set Boards for relevant topics to your business products for services that are not in direct competition, and having a Board for the cities you have offices is in a great way to gain the interest of the local business you hope will become customers.

As you start to get develop your business’s presence on Pinterest, you will want to add Pinterest sharing buttons to your business website. There is no better way to market other than word of mouth marketing and adding Pinterest buttons to your products pages will allow other “Pinners” to quickly share a picture of your products to Pinterest. This sharing will include the website information, so you will get additional links and other “Pinners that are interested in you products can “Repin” your products to their Boards as well.

Social media marketing with Pinterest is proving to be beneficial for the businesses that have already began to market on its pages. Make sure your business is one of the businesses that use Pinterest to capitalize on the marketing opportunities. You will find it is an effective way to build business and increase your brand awareness.